Don't Betting

  • The logic is essentially backwards.
  • With your starting Dont Pass bet -- a 2 or 3 wins and a 7 or 11 loses. A 12 is a push and is the casino's vig.
  • Now after a point is established, we want the 7 to come up before the point number.
  • Just like with Passline bets you can add true odds behind them if you wish. $6 odds on the number 8 will win you $5.
  • Odds are that you will win since the 7 is the most rolled number. Because of that you get paid less than you bet.
  • A Dont Come (DC) bet works the same as a Dont Pass bet.
  • It's nice betting actually - you lose one bet at a time (when the number comes up twice), but win big when the 7 comes.
  • Once you establish a Dont Pass or DC bet -- You are winning! Adding odds actually lowers your winning percentage.
  • Since you are winning, the casino nicely lets you remove this bet at any time. :-)

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